Fort Wayne, IN – [Date] – Dance enthusiasts rejoice! The vibrant world of Fusion Bellydance is at your fingertips, and East Ende Eclectic is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for dancers of all levels. Lauren TheSerpent Conklin, a distinguished instructor with a passion for movement, is set to lead the Fusion Bellydance Class starting January 22nd.


Whether you’ve ever dreamt of mastering the art of Fusion Bellydance or simply wanted to dive into the world of dance, this is your moment! Lauren TheSerpent Conklin’s dynamic and inclusive classes are tailored for everyone with a body – because if you have a body, you’re welcome!


The Fusion Bellydance Class at Eclectic Dance Studio promises an immersive experience where participants can explore the eclectic fusion of bellydance styles. Beyond just learning captivating dance routines, attendees can look forward to an exhilarating workout that seamlessly blends fitness with the joy of movement.

 Details of the Class:


– **Class Title:** Fusion Bellydance Class

– **Instructor:** Lauren TheSerpent Conklin

– **Location:** East Ende Eclectic, 1501 E Berry St, Fort Wayne, IN 46803

– **Start Date:** January 22nd, 2024

– **End Date:** March 11th, 2024

– **Session Duration:** 8 weeks

– **Open to All:** No dance experience required – just bring your enthusiasm and a body!


Lauren invites participants to join the 8-week Fusion Bellydance Class for a comprehensive exploration of this unique dance form or drop in to experience the joy firsthand. The classes are not just about learning dance steps; they are an opportunity for anyone with a body. All who have a body are welcome!


Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps onto the dance floor, Eclectic Dance Studio promises an enriching experience for all. Don’t miss this chance to embrace the rhythm, discover new movements, and embark on a Fusion Bellydance journey like never before.


For class schedules, registration details, and inquiries, please contact:


Lauren TheSerpent Conklin

Instructor, Fusion Bellydance Class

Phone: 260-203-7721 (Text preferred)

Instagram: [](