East Ende Eclectic E3 Studios

spark of creativity

Home Studio Space

Every studio boasts its own distinctive sets and ambiance, ensuring a diverse array of atmospheres and visual experiences for visitors to explore and enjoy.

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207: The Bright Loft 

This industrial rental space is perfect for photographers and creatives, boasting ample natural light, spacious interiors, and a versatile atmosphere ideal for bringing creative ideas to fruition.

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208: The Bohemian Loft

Whether you prefer the soft glow of natural light or the precision of flash photography, our studio caters to your unique style. The versatility of the space allows you to experiment with various setups, ensuring that you can bring your creative vision to life effortlessly.

Moss and Beryl 

This greenhouse oasis is an ideal haven for plant enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike, offering abundant natural light, serene ambiance, and a flexible environment perfect for nurturing creative endeavors.