Moss and Beryl




Nestled within this greenhouse oasis, plant enthusiasts and those in search of tranquility will discover a haven that beckons with its lush foliage, soothing ambiance, and the gentle patter of rain. With its abundance of natural light filtering through the verdant canopy, this sanctuary provides the perfect backdrop for cultivating creativity and fostering a sense of serenity. Whether you're seeking solace among the greenery or seeking inspiration for your next project, this versatile environment promises to nurture both your plants and your imagination alike.


Serene Greenhouse Setting

Step into a world of natural beauty and tranquility within our lush green house studio. Awash with vibrant hues of greenery, this ethereal setting provides the perfect backdrop for your photo shoots.

Footed Tub Oasis

Immerse yourself in luxury with our vintage-style footed tub, nestled amidst verdant foliage. The perfect spot for dreamy, atmospheric shots, surrounded by cascading greenery and delicate blooms.

Botanical Bliss

Incorporating a diverse array of plant life, our green house studio offers an abundance of natural textures and colors to enhance your photos. From towering palms to delicate ferns, each corner bursts with life and vitality.

Rain Effects

Experience the magic of a gentle rain shower within the confines of our green oasis. With customizable rain effects, you can add an extra layer of drama and mood to your photographs, creating a truly unforgettable scene.

Candlelit Ambiance

Set the mood with soft, flickering candlelight scattered throughout the space. Enhance the atmosphere and create a sense of intimacy and warmth, perfect for capturing those intimate moments.

Rustic Charm

Adorned with rustic wooden furniture and accents, our green house studio exudes charm and character. From dark brown Chesterfield couches to elegant armchairs and stools, each piece adds a touch of timeless elegance to your photos.

Versatile Backdrops

Transform your photos with our versatile backdrop options. Whether you prefer a mirror wall for a contemporary edge, love seats for a romantic vibe, or movable walls for creative flexibility, our studio offers endless possibilities for your shoot.

Escape to Nature

Step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in nature’s embrace. Our green house studio provides a serene sanctuary where you can unleash your creativity and capture moments of pure beauty.

The Green House